An ode to the past, a nod to the future


Sterling Aviations




Technology / Design / Marketing


Description: Sterling approached Blaze primarily to develop a fully-integrated e-commerce store that lets their audience easily nagivate –and shop from — a wide collection of aviation furniture for home and office. With a high-conversion e-commerce store, a new logo, and active social media handles, the company wished to position itself as an emerging competitor in the online aviation furniture market.


the brand

Sterling Aviations uses reclaimed and authentic aircraft parts to design unique pieces of furniture such as Aviator Chairs, Morse Code lamps, World War II Carl Zeiss Binoculars, and Fuselage Wall Art and Clocks. Each of these highly collectible pieces is restored by hand and has its own unique serial markings.

Tasks and

  • Develop a responsive e-commerce store that drives the sales forward.
  • Design a logo consistent with the brand identity.
  • Maintaining active social media presence.

Setting up the e-commerce store

Our developers worked diligently to create a strong e-commerce experience for aviation enthusiasts and artifacts collectors across the world. We began by doing thorough market research and analyzing the website of competitors in a small, but growing, aviation furniture market. In a bid to maximize conversions, encourage repeat customers, and grow sales, our developers incorporated a range of features in the store, including advanced payment options, sophisticated security tools, social proof, and high-resolution photos, among others.


How the logo’s aesthetic helped
shape our vision

In a bid to drive home the message to customers that Sterling’s products are created solely from reclaimed and authentic aircraft parts, our designers decided to incorporate triangles in the logo such that they represent the wings of an aircraft. The new logo is artistically balanced and sits well against a black background at the center-top area on the landing page.

Social Media

Our in-house copywriters, designers, and video editors strive to create quality content that hits the interest of aviation enthusiasts and antique collectors. Uploaded daily on Instagram, these posts help communicate the brand story and build brand awareness among the target audience.

“The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.”


Since its association with Blaze, Sterling Aviations has positioned itself as an emerging competitor in the online aviation furniture market. Our social media managers team up with Sterling’s operations team on weekly basis to brainstorm and run campaigns centered around new products and events.