Case Study

Unboxing a better commerce experience


Nice Packaging






Nice Packaging entrusted Blaze with the task of developing and deploying a robust, reliable, and scalable e-commerce store that offers a wide range of packaging solutions to online retailers. In months preceding our association, the company had run into several technical, usability, and value communication issues with their existing e-commerce platform and recognized it needed to make a change.


the brand

Nice Packaging has positioned itself as an emerging competitor in its domain with its innovative, sustainable, and functional packaging solutions to a wide array of industries. With digital shopping becoming a way of life in the post-pandemic scenario, the company witnessed a massive surge in demand early this year, though faced its share of trouble with the older version of its e-commerce platform.

Our goals

  • Developing a responsive e-commerce store that upscales the business
  • Improve page load time to enhance customer experience
  • Identifying and analyzing competitors

Identifying issues

We began by scanning the architecture of the previous e-commerce store, shadowing the experience of customers, and noting down glaring technical and usability issues responsible for a poor conversion rate. A detailed report of the exercise made evident why the store made a poor first impression on its potential customers.


Our approach

We began by incorporating a range of features that the platform earlier lacked, such as advanced payment options, sophisticated security tools, social proof, among others. Our designers decreased the color pallet, incorporated softer typography, replaced the low-quality, grainy images with clear, interesting photos, while the in-house team of copywriters rewrote the entire content on the website.


“E-commerce is a powerful means to connect the unconnected to global trade”



Our efforts enormously improved the user experience on the platform and helped the company capitalize on the massive surge in e-commerce sales in the post-pandemic world. The new store allows the company to process more orders than ever before. Since its association with Blaze, Nice Packaging has ramped up its product line and positioned itself as a promising competitor in its domain with its innovative, sustainable, and functional packaging solutions.