Case Study

A new visual identity for a
commentary on PMLA


Dr. Shamsuddin






Extending their knack for turning abstract concepts into beautiful imagery, our designers at Blaze Media gave a new visual identity to a stellar work on the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, authored by former bureaucrat and professor of law Dr. Shamsuddin. Written for lawyers and law students, the hardcover edition of the book shows a red rupee sign against a white background — a visual representation of the subject matter.


the project

The erudite and exhaustive commentary on the provisions of PMLA, authored by Dr. Shamsuddin, intends to serve as a reference manual for lawyers, law students, and other legal officers of financial institutions. A rich text like this deserves a jacket that draws the attention of readers at first glance.

Our goals

  • To convey the theme of the commentary
  • To intrigue the attention of the potential readers
  • Create a front that stands out in the bookstore

Why the need
to redesign the cover

Book covers exist to give visual form to the text inside. A sloppy, unappealing font placed against an inapt background without so much as even a hint to the subject matter can immediately turn off the potential readers. Our designers felt the need to redesign the cover because it lacked any sort of visual representation of the theme.


Given that the subject matter of the book concerns an act that was enacted to fight against the criminal offense of legalizing the income/profits from an illegal source, we included a giant red rupee sign transversing the length of the dominantly white cover such that the subject matter is evident even from afar.


“Book jacket design may become a lost art, like album cover design, without which late 20th-century iconography would have been pauperized.”